Asset Value Report

Asset Value Report (AVR)

Better than a Broker Price Opinion Report

A simplified yet professional asset valuation comes in handy when a more formal or FIRREA-compliant FieldSmart Evaluation is not necessary. Boxwood’s commercial Asset Value Report is the answer – akin to a BPO or BOV, but better. Our AVR supports a variety of valuation needs including:

  • Servicing: Update the collateral value on delinquent or non-performing loans, and/or employ the report as an initial step towards resolution via loan modification, workout, short sale, etc.
  • Sale/Disposition: Help establish a baseline price for REO and other single or portfolio assets targeted for sale.
  • Portfolio Updates and Monitoring: Confirm LTVs during times of market uncertainty, anticipate changes in capital reserves and/or mitigate potential losses to your portfolio.
  • Investing: Reliably evaluate opportunities for distressed, or one-off and portfolio transactions in the secondary or private markets.

What makes our AVR different from a BPO?

It comes down to this: Boxwood’s AVR reports are performed by the same in-house, veteran appraisers and senior real estate analysts that deliver our industry leading FieldSmart reports. That means the highest degree of expertise and care.

Boxwood’s AVR reports follow the sales comparison approach and include our classic adjustment grid, listings, location maps, building inspection, and photos of the subject building.

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Asset Value Report (AVR)


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