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Lender Research Report Released

Boxwood and Scotsman Guide have published a new research report on small-balance commercial mortgage lenders. The small-balance loan market is in a transitional phase represented by growth and diversification according to the new research report, Market in Transition: 2006 Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage Lenders Survey. The second of two research reports produced through a partnership between Boxwood Means and Scotsman Guide, the study cites that lenders have formed dedicated small-loan programs and are investing in new products and services in order to offset the market's fragmentation and perceived increases in competition in this $130 billion marketplace. Some of the highlights of the report include:

  • Channel Competition is Heavy. Lenders rely on mortgage brokers and intermediaries for the vast majority of their originations.
  • Market Fragmentation is a Major Impediment. Lenders view the market's fragmentation as the No.1 challenge to the growth and health of the marketplace.
  • Alternative Underwriting Threatens the Status Quo. Though conventional, cash-flow underwriting practices prevail, a substantial percentage of lenders report using light and "no doc" approaches.
  • Securitization Makes In-roads. Securitization is a mainstay for a plurality of lenders. Many more lenders cite an interest in this exit strategy.

Additional background material and options for purchasing the report are available on the Scotsman Guide web site, http://www.scotsmanguide.com. This lender report complements the separate research study released earlier this month by Boxwood Means and Scotsman Guide involving the small-balance mortgage broker channel.