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Boxwood Enhances Popular FieldSmart Collateral Advisor Report

Boxwood Means, Inc. announced today the release of its FieldSmart Collateral Advisor report with the income approach to property valuation. FieldSmart Sales and Income, or FieldSmart SI, represents a new industry standard for income and expense analysis within commercial evaluations.

Boxwood's FieldSmart reports are widely recognized by commercial banks, non-bank lenders and investors as a reliable, fast and cost effective alternative to appraisals when valuing small commercial real estate properties. FieldSmart has proven to be the commercial evaluation product of choice whenever industry participants require high-quality reports with rich content and consistently reliable results across the country. Now, FieldSmart SI sets a high and timely benchmark for commercial evaluations involving the income capitalization method because of its detailed and disciplined analysis.

"In a small-cap CRE investment market still populated today with a lot of impaired or distressed income-producing properties, it's imperative that commercial evaluation reports nail down the transition costs between a building's stabilized condition and its "as is" value," said Will Harrison, Boxwood's director of FieldSmart valuations.

Boxwood also announced today that its FieldSmart reports are available with the option of an Insurable Replacement Cost (IRC). All such reports are obtained on the firm's SmallBalance.com web site.

Randy Fuchs, Boxwood's principal and co-founder, added, "FieldSmart SI and the IRC option reflect our deep understanding of and expertise with small-cap CRE collateral and markets. These new reports extend our product leadership largely because our clients recognize that product quality matters, and they reward us for it."