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Bloomberg Distributes SCPI Measures

Bloomberg has introduced Boxwood's Small Cap Price Index (SCPI) to users of its Bloomberg Professional service, owned by Bloomberg Finance L.P. Bloomberg believes that the two measures, SCPI-100 and SCPI-20, offer their subscribers a unique focus on the small commercial property market for sales under $5 million.The SCPI-100 includes 103 metro areas while the SCPI-20 represents 20 of the bigger metros that also comprise the S&P/Case-Shiller Index of housing prices. Users are able use Bloomberg's charting tools to analyze small CRE property prices against housing trends and other real estate and economic time series data.

To learn more about Boxwood's SCPI measures, or how to subscribe to Boxwood's proprietary small cap price trends for 103 metro markets, go to this SmallBalance.com page..